Portrait, Wedding and Commercial Photographer/retoucher based in Bunbury and Perth Western Australia


**What photo edititng software do I use? **

I use Capture One 6 Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS6.

**What camera and equipment do you use? **

I am currently using Nikon D700, D4, Leica M9 and PhaseOne 645DF with +p65 digital back and few Nikon and PhaseOne prime lenses. As for lighting, I prefer natural light since it is 100% free, however I also use other form of light, my favorite is Profoto Acute B2 AirS and Profoto D1 with Elinchrom 135cm Rotalux, Profoto 4x6 softbox, Profoto white/silver Softlight reflector. Sometimes I also use SB-900, when I photograph weddings or real estate. For triggering and metering my light. I use Pocketwizard plus II & III, I also use Sekonic 758DR for metering the light.

Where do I get my inspirations?

I find my inspirations in different movies, paintings and magazines.