As a creative individual are trying to pushing our boundaries to create a wonderful art work. Since I moved in Bunbury last year, I seldom photograph portraiture, mainly i’m stuck with my old genre photographing landscape and commercial work for various real estate company in south west. It bore me a lot. Its not me. I’ve decided to contact Tarryn Camp (the model) and Crystal Brown (hair and makeup stylist) for the first time to collaborate with me and help to  add new image for our portfolio.





MODEL: Tarryn Camp

Hair & Makeup artist: Crystal Brown

Photo/retouching: Michael Agar




Camera: Nikon D800E

Lens (first setup): Nikon 50mm f1.8G

Lens (second setup): Nikon 24-70mm f2.8G

Light head: Profoto D1 1000ws Air

Main Light: 135cm Elinchrom Rotalux

Fill light: Profoto white Softlight reflector






I wanted to create a twist of fashion and fine art. I light Tarryn with a 135mm Elinchrom Rotalux and Profoto D1 1000ws, positioned on the right side and a White Softlight Reflector 5 meters infront of her as a fill light, dialed down -2ev.


November 8, 2012 in Fashion


Here is a BTS from my previous low key beauty shots which I’ve photographed almost a month ago.  You can still the Softlight Reflector hanging above the model. I used another strobe attached into octa soft box as a fill.


Below is the actual RAW conversion I made in Capture one 7 Pro, then I exported in Photoshop CS6 to further manipulate the image file.

November 3, 2012 in Landscape

I finally got my Nikon D800E after waiting for 3 weeks, Big thanks to my friends at Camera Electronic In Perth Western Australia, they managed to bug Nikon Australia to send one unit to me.

First thing first. This camera is made in Japan, so quality wise is superb. I am really amazed with the image quality of this camera, it has lots of details and the images are tack sharp. It is almost par with my PhaseOne 645DF with +p65. It is lighter than my old trusty Nikon D700. The AF of D800E is faster than my old Nikon D3s, it is really responsive and accurate. the dynamic range is awesome.

Why I choose the D800E rather than the D800, because I prefer to have sharper images and I am not concern with false color and moire. those issue are very easy to fix in post production.

I had a chance to go out and  test it on the field. Below is the result.


michael agar photography | perth, bunbury and darwin

Few years ago I photographed Kaela at Mundaring Forest in Western Australia. I am equipped with Nikon D700 and 50mm f1.4D lens. She was lit by the sun, the trees acted like a big diffuser to soften the light.

I’ve decided to process the image file as a black and white, because I want this image to be timeless.

Last year, I had an opportunity to photograph Tony and Nadine. I’ve decided to create something different from the rest of photographers who photograph pregnancy/maternity.

The image below is not your typical pregnancy/maternity image that you can find. I want to create a mystery on this image and to emphasize the tattoos of Tony. I carefully directed them to do this posing.

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Since I moved in South Western region of Western Australia I had no chance to shoot in studio, because I am still setting up my own studio in Bunbury. After I attended a fashion workshop in Perth I went to Padlock studio to photograph lovely Heather, where we organized the photoshoot one week in advance. Rami my good old friend, helped me to setup the light while Keiron was busying helping us to do the hairstyling.

It took us one hour to setup the light, because most of the strobes that we put on the light stand weren’t working. finally we found three studio strobe which are in good working conditions.


I was a Lightroom user, since Adobe released the version 1 few years ago and I used it until lightroom 3. However its been almost 16 months when I changed my workflow from lightroom -> photoshop to Media Pro-> Capture one 6 pro -> Photoshop.  So what is Capture one 6 Pro, it is a raw conversion software developed my PhaseOne, who also makes digital medium format camera. Capture one 6 pro is mainly  used in processing raw files of digital medium format camera, however it can also be used in raw conversion of digital negative from dslrs such as Nikon, Canon, Leica and etc. there is  only one drawback it doesn’t come with automatic lens profile for dslrs.


I use Capture one to process my PhaseOne digital medium format camera, Nikon D700, D4, Leica M9 and sometimes Hassleblad (Rented camera).


When I purchased Capture one 6 Pro, 16 months ago, I was demise, because it it too complex to learn, unlike lightroom  its fast and easier to learn. At that time I decided to spend more time to learn the real power of capture one 6 pro (especially i don’t want to waste my $500 ). It is a expensive raw conversion software, but I was  amazed with the quality of raw conversion it produces.


The main reasons that I really like Capture one 6 Pro are the following:


1.)Color editing is so advance, I can change the hue, and other parameters as a local adjustment without affecting a particular color in a whole image.  I really like the color it produce, especially with the skin tones.

2.) Tethered shooting is very stable and I really like using the capture one pilot, this is useful for me when I photograph products, real estate or even photographing in studio.

3. Dynamic range is better

4. black & white conversion is superb.

5.) It doesn’t require additional plug-ins to achieve a particular look.

6.) it includes icc profiles for cameras. it gives me accurate color throughout my workflow, without needing addition fancy colorchecker card (which I end up using it as  a white balance card nowadays)

7.) When I used two different brands of camera, I can exactly replicate the colors. This is very important if my 2nd shooter during wedding is using a different camera brand from mine.

8.) Very fast to browse the files

9.) it requires less slider to achieve the effect that I want, unlike in lightroom it requires me several sliders to  manipulate to achieve the same look.

10.) ability to control my Profoto lights remotely using Capture One 6 Pro.


What I don’t like in Capture One 6 Pro:


1.) Inability to open tiff files with multiple layers. it flattens the layers in photoshop

2.) Inability to open raw files a smart object.



What I like in LIGHTROOM 4

1.) the new sliders in exposure panel

2.)ability to open raw files as smart objects and able to open tiff files without flattening it (this is one of the downsize of Capture one 6 Pro).

3.) temperature local adjustment.


What I don’t like in Lightroom 4

1.) No built in Camera profile, it requires colorchecker passport to create profiles and each time I shoot I need to photograph the darn colorchecker passport

2.) Very slow to view the images.

3.) Inability to edit hue. lightness  as local adjustment

4.) Correction of chromatic abberation is time consuming (unlike in Capture one 6 Pro it automatically remove it)

5.) Requires to purchase plug ins or present to match the effect in Capture One 6 Pro

6.) too many sliders to adjust to achieve the effect that I want.

7.) interface is not customizable.

8.) It lacks similar feature to Capture One pilot.

9.) Tethered shooting crashes during  continues burst shot.



Below, I created a comparison video, comparing Capture One 6 pro and Lightroom 4.




Comparison between Capture One 6 Pro and Lightroom from Michael Agar on Vimeo.


The left image is processed in Capture One 6 Pro, while on the right side it was processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.

Make sure your monitor is calibrated before you analyze both image. Please let me know which one do you prefer?


Capture One: white balance adjustment only



lightroom: white balance adjustment only


Comparison between Capture One 6 Pro and Lightroom from Michael Agar on Vimeo.

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I want to introduce my friend, her name is Georgia Macleod. The first time I met her was in 2010 during my first test shot for her Chadwick Portfolio.

I’ve been trying to emulate film in my raw conversion software. The colored images is almost look a like Kodak Porta 160, while the back and white, well i have no name to call it yet.



Below is my light setup. I used single battery pack, which is Profoto Acute B2 AirS attached to Profoto Silver Softlight reflector with standard grid.


What do you think about my film emulation effect?

I got excited this morning when friends from Camera Electronic called me and informed that my new Leica M9 just landed in their store, so before I went to work I quickly picked up my me M9,  with 24mm f1.4 and 50mm f0.95. Both lenses and the M9 are amazing camera gear, however I have to admit I have to practice my manual focus, since this camera is fully manual focus only. Below are some images that I photographed around Perth city.



Mick & Sally are lovely couple, they met at their hospital workplace few years ago.

We started photographing their wedding day with Sally and her bridesmaid, it was a hectic schedule, however  everything come together in the end. After few hours I headed down to the Mick’s to photograph his preparation and his grooms mate. They have a romantic ceremony at the famous King Park

The reception was held at the Tsunami Japanese Restaurant in Mosman Park,  the couple and their visitors had a great time, especially Mick & Sally who are the dance King and Queen of that night.