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November 3, 2012 in Landscape

I finally got my Nikon D800E after waiting for 3 weeks, Big thanks to my friends at Camera Electronic In Perth Western Australia, they managed to bug Nikon Australia to send one unit to me.

First thing first. This camera is made in Japan, so quality wise is superb. I am really amazed with the image quality of this camera, it has lots of details and the images are tack sharp. It is almost par with my PhaseOne 645DF with +p65. It is lighter than my old trusty Nikon D700. The AF of D800E is faster than my old Nikon D3s, it is really responsive and accurate. the dynamic range is awesome.

Why I choose the D800E rather than the D800, because I prefer to have sharper images and I am not concern with false color and moire. those issue are very easy to fix in post production.

I had a chance to go out and  test it on the field. Below is the result.


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