I was a Lightroom user, since Adobe released the version 1 few years ago and I used it until lightroom 3. However its been almost 16 months when I changed my workflow from lightroom -> photoshop to Media Pro-> Capture one 6 pro -> Photoshop.  So what is Capture one 6 Pro, it is a raw conversion software developed my PhaseOne, who also makes digital medium format camera. Capture one 6 pro is mainly  used in processing raw files of digital medium format camera, however it can also be used in raw conversion of digital negative from dslrs such as Nikon, Canon, Leica and etc. there is  only one drawback it doesn’t come with automatic lens profile for dslrs.


I use Capture one to process my PhaseOne digital medium format camera, Nikon D700, D4, Leica M9 and sometimes Hassleblad (Rented camera).


When I purchased Capture one 6 Pro, 16 months ago, I was demise, because it it too complex to learn, unlike lightroom  its fast and easier to learn. At that time I decided to spend more time to learn the real power of capture one 6 pro (especially i don’t want to waste my $500 ). It is a expensive raw conversion software, but I was  amazed with the quality of raw conversion it produces.


The main reasons that I really like Capture one 6 Pro are the following:


1.)Color editing is so advance, I can change the hue, and other parameters as a local adjustment without affecting a particular color in a whole image.  I really like the color it produce, especially with the skin tones.

2.) Tethered shooting is very stable and I really like using the capture one pilot, this is useful for me when I photograph products, real estate or even photographing in studio.

3. Dynamic range is better

4. black & white conversion is superb.

5.) It doesn’t require additional plug-ins to achieve a particular look.

6.) it includes icc profiles for cameras. it gives me accurate color throughout my workflow, without needing addition fancy colorchecker card (which I end up using it as  a white balance card nowadays)

7.) When I used two different brands of camera, I can exactly replicate the colors. This is very important if my 2nd shooter during wedding is using a different camera brand from mine.

8.) Very fast to browse the files

9.) it requires less slider to achieve the effect that I want, unlike in lightroom it requires me several sliders to  manipulate to achieve the same look.

10.) ability to control my Profoto lights remotely using Capture One 6 Pro.


What I don’t like in Capture One 6 Pro:


1.) Inability to open tiff files with multiple layers. it flattens the layers in photoshop

2.) Inability to open raw files a smart object.



What I like in LIGHTROOM 4

1.) the new sliders in exposure panel

2.)ability to open raw files as smart objects and able to open tiff files without flattening it (this is one of the downsize of Capture one 6 Pro).

3.) temperature local adjustment.


What I don’t like in Lightroom 4

1.) No built in Camera profile, it requires colorchecker passport to create profiles and each time I shoot I need to photograph the darn colorchecker passport

2.) Very slow to view the images.

3.) Inability to edit hue. lightness  as local adjustment

4.) Correction of chromatic abberation is time consuming (unlike in Capture one 6 Pro it automatically remove it)

5.) Requires to purchase plug ins or present to match the effect in Capture One 6 Pro

6.) too many sliders to adjust to achieve the effect that I want.

7.) interface is not customizable.

8.) It lacks similar feature to Capture One pilot.

9.) Tethered shooting crashes during  continues burst shot.



Below, I created a comparison video, comparing Capture One 6 pro and Lightroom 4.




Comparison between Capture One 6 Pro and Lightroom from Michael Agar on Vimeo.


The left image is processed in Capture One 6 Pro, while on the right side it was processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.

Make sure your monitor is calibrated before you analyze both image. Please let me know which one do you prefer?


Capture One: white balance adjustment only



lightroom: white balance adjustment only


Comparison between Capture One 6 Pro and Lightroom from Michael Agar on Vimeo.