As a creative individual are trying to pushing our boundaries to create a wonderful art work. Since I moved in Bunbury last year, I seldom photograph portraiture, mainly i’m stuck with my old genre photographing landscape and commercial work for various real estate company in south west. It bore me a lot. Its not me. I’ve decided to contact Tarryn Camp (the model) and Crystal Brown (hair and makeup stylist) for the first time to collaborate with me and help to ¬†add new image for our portfolio.





MODEL: Tarryn Camp

Hair & Makeup artist: Crystal Brown

Photo/retouching: Michael Agar




Camera: Nikon D800E

Lens (first setup): Nikon 50mm f1.8G

Lens (second setup): Nikon 24-70mm f2.8G

Light head: Profoto D1 1000ws Air

Main Light: 135cm Elinchrom Rotalux

Fill light: Profoto white Softlight reflector






I wanted to create a twist of fashion and fine art. I light Tarryn with a 135mm Elinchrom Rotalux and Profoto D1 1000ws, positioned on the right side and a White Softlight Reflector 5 meters infront of her as a fill light, dialed down -2ev.